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Our dance styles


Breaking, by commercial media often referred to as breakdance, is a dynamic and acrobatic style of hip hop dance that originated in the Bronx, New York City, during the early 1970's. It is one of the primary elements of hip hop culture alongside DJing, rapping and graffiti.

Breaking gained popularity as its dancers developed a unique and expressive form of movement. This dance combines creativity of movements influenced by capoeira and gymnastics with musicality and rhythm.

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Hip hop

Hip hop brings a full body workout and is focused around ‘stand-up’ dance as opposed to going down to the floor. Hip hop is commonly used for choreography as well as freestyling.

This dance style will teach you about dancing to the music, muscle memory, and will improve your rhythmic skills. Much like breaking, hip hop dance will help develop motor skills and improve body awareness.

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Popping is an original hip hop dance style that came up in the late 1960’s and 70’s on the west coast of the United States and is known for tensing and releasing of muscles to the beat of the music. We refer to these movements as a ‘pop’ or a ‘hit’.

This dance will help you improve body control, body awareness, muscle memory and coordination. Moves like the robot, the wave and tutting are some of the most famous concepts of popping.

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House dance

House dance originated in the 1970’s in underground clubs in Chicago and New York. This dance style performed on house music is influenced by several types of movements like tap dance, African dance, latin dance and martial arts.

House dance develops your rhythm and delivers a great leg-and conditioning workout. It increases your range of motion, body control, body awareness, balance, coordination, memory, flexibility, blood circulation, posture and muscle tone.

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What others are saying

MyGrooveGuide helps me improve my dance skills! Not only that, I am very happy to learn some other dance styles I have never taken classes before. For example I enjoy breakdance classes from the Ruggeds and it is not easy to take their classes in Japan!! One more thing good about MyGrooveGuide is usually I am too shy to try in public but I feel very safe to practice at home! Thank you MyGrooveGuide you help me to make my dance life better!

Hotaru from Japan (🇯🇵)


It’s been a few weeks since I started using MyGrooveGuide. Trust my words. This platform for online dance classes helps you to improve your dance skills for real!

b-boy B4 from Vietnam (🇻🇳)


Personally I find MyGrooveGuide a very good platform that is useful for both advanced dancers and beginning dancers. For advanced dancers it is sometimes nice to go back to the basics and challenge yourself by thinking more out of the box. And beginning dancers can take the steps they need whenever they want. Even if you are waiting for the train or if you are just at home. MyGrooveGuide will always be accessible.

Zion from the Netherlands (🇳🇱)



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