Alesya: house meets jazz

Alesya's guide is all about house! You will learn how to move around, use space and understand the rhythm like a house dancer. Dance along with Alesya in this great class and level up your house dance game.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (23 minutes)
Alesya takes you on a journey into house dance. Learn to move like a house dancer through movements such as weight shifts and slides, pas de bourree and the ronde.

Part 2 (24 minutes)
In this lesson you are going to work on the “spacing” by using the elements from the first part and learning new ideas and ways to make your dance look interesting and make your practice more challenging.

Part 3 (22 minutes)
We will be working with the concept of acceleration, which is the ability to speed up while still remaining rhythmically connected to the music. Get ready for a good workout through dance!

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Tamara house dance class
Tamara house dance class
Tamara house dance class