Chanel: lines, tutting and pausing
(hip hop dance class)

In this beginner class, Chanel will explain about the use of lines in hip hop dance. She teaches you a basic arm routine to get familiar with making lines with your arms. In this class you will also level up your hip hop dance skills by working on tutting, pausing and of course, timing. Furthermore, Chanel explains about moving from 2D dancing to 3D dancing. Adding this dimension will make your dance more creative.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (12 minutes)
Chanel tackles an interesting concept within hip hop dance: the use of lines. In this first part you will learn some basic line-based movements and how to adjust the bounce to it.

Part 2 (12 minutes)
You will learn how to use angle based movements in your dance. We call this tutting. Other than that, we will work on pausing between movements, and using timing in your dance.

Part 3 (14 minutes)
In this final part we will take a look into the world of dancing in 3D. The materials you have learned so far have all been two dimensional. Let’s turn up the pace and explore a new world of movement in the final part of Chanel’s class.

Chanel hip hop dance class
Chanel hip hop dance class
Chanel hip hop dance class