Faisi: freezes and transitions (breaking class)

Learn about freezes, an essential element of breaking. Faisi will guide you through several freezes and techniques on your journey towards doing your first freeze! In this class you will also learn how to transition between freezes. Finally, Faisi explains a mobility protocol to help you improve your flexibility and mobility. This will come in handy whilst improving your freezes in breaking, and will bring your freezes to a whole new level by adding movement to it. Enjoy!


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (18 minutes)
In this class you will learn eight basic ‘freezes’ of breaking. In breaking, freezes are used a lot to compliment the quick movements usually shown in the dance.

Part 2 (20 minutes)
Now that you have learned 8 basic freezes of breaking, it’s time to learn how to transition from one freeze to another. In this part, Faisi will show you how to transition between different freezes to build combinations.

Part 3 (25 minutes)
In the final part of Faisi’s class, you will learn some great exercises to improve your mobility and flexibility which will help improve both your freezes and powermoves. After that, Faisi will teach you how to twist and move with freezes.

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Faisi freezes and transitions breaking class
Faisi freezes and transitions breaking class
Faisi freezes and transitions breaking class

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