Hassani: introduction to popping

Get familiar with the basics of popping with Hassani in this entry level popping guide. If you want to get started with popping, this class is not one to be missed.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (21 minutes)
Get started with popping by learning some classic popping moves, such as the hit, the dime stop, the shoot down and the walkout. This class is a must-see if you want to get started with popping. 

Part 2 (20 minutes)
In the second part of Hassani’s class, we are bringing your basic popping skills to the next level. You will learn how to use shifts, a dope move called ‘crazy legs’ and we continue with the dime stops, and how to learn them at different levels. 

Part 3 (23 minutes)
In this final part, you will learn how to incorporate bouncing and grooving to the steps you’ve learned before, along with learning a couple of dope new moves! Challenge yourself in this final chapter of Hassani’s popping class.

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Hassani popping class
Hassani popping class
Hassani popping class