India: breaking basics

Let India teach you about basic toprocks, go-downs, footwork, freezes and transitions. You will learn your first breaking choreography, putting different movements you’ve learned throughout the course together.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (5 minutes)
In this class you will learn toprocks. Toprocks are a key element of breaking, and are the part of our stand-up dance. You will also learn ways to transition from toprocks to footwork. We call this movement a go-down. India will give you the tools to learn basic breaking moves. 

Part 2 (5 minutes)
India teaches you some freezes, which are positions in which you stand still. In breaking, freezes are used to compliment the fast movements in the dance. You will learn the headbridge freeze, the chair freeze, and the head hollowback freeze. 

Part 3 (3 minutes)
In this class you will learn an athletic move which is also a useful exercise to get more body control for athletic breaking movements, and it’s called the ‘monkey swing’. After that, India will teach you a small choreography using all moves you’ve learned in this guide.

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bgirl India breakdance class
bgirl India breakdance class
bgirl India breakdance class

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