Kelly: working on your groove

 In this episode of MyGrooveGuide, Kelly will be focusing on the groove, on the different approaches of the groove and how to further develop your own groove. Are you ready to move and groove like a hip hop dancer?


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (23 minutes)
In the first part of Kelly’s class you will learn about grooving in hip hop dance. What is grooving, and how do you groove to the music? Find out in this first part of Kelly’s class.

Part 2 (26 minutes)
This part is all about learning, understanding and incorporating body awareness into your skill set. Dance along with Kelly and get a better understanding of how to use your body in your dance.

Part 3 (24 minutes)
Improve your understanding of the groove through different exercises. You will learn how to create your own personal groove, to use full range in your dance and how to be more dynamic with your movements.

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Jeems hip hop class
Jeems hip hop class