Lee: body awareness & space usage (breaking)

With Lee’s guidance you will learn about body awareness and space-usage in breaking. Through different techniques and body awareness exercises, this guide offers an interesting perspective on getting creative with your movements.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (6 minutes)
Breakers use slides across the dancefloor to make use of the space around them. We call it ‘travelling’ in breaking. In part 1 of Lee’s class, you will learn how to use slides in breaking.

Part 2 (6 minutes)
In the second part of this class, Lee will teach you more ways to travel within your dance, and how you can creatively use your space and environment with breaking.

Part 3 (5 minutes)
You will learn several concepts to improve the creativity levels of your skillset. Learn about the dance concept of ‘reaching’, along with more creative ways to travel and to be aware of space usage on the dance floor.

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bboy Lee breaking class
bboy Lee breaking class

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