Menno: floorwork and backrocks (breaking)

Menno is a living legend in the breaking scene. In his guide you will get inspired and learn about floorwork, backrocks, and how to combine them with freezes and rolls. Get ready to bring your breaking game to the next level.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (9 minutes)
In this class you will learn basic backrocks. Backrocks are movements based on laying on your back. You will learn some interesting concepts and movements on how to incorporate backrocks in your breaking vocabulary.  

Part 2 (11 minutes)
In this class, Menno will help you dive deeper into the use of backrocks in your breaking. In addition to that, he will teach you some other floorwork movements to incorporate in your dance. A really valuable class for any breaker.

Part 3 (11 minutes)
Menno gives a masterclass on how to use rolls and freezes within footwork and backrocks, showing you endless opportunities to combine moves and create new variations yourself. 

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bboy Menno
bboy Menno breakdance class
bboy Menno breakdance class
bboy Menno breakdance class

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