Tamara: introduction to house dance

Let Tamara guide you into the world of house dance. Learn about the origins of house dance and work on four basic house dance steps: the pas de bourrée, the sidewalk, the shuffle and the cross-step. After learning these basic steps, Tamara teaches you how to change direction within your dance by making turns in your steps and by adding variations. Let’s go!


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (14 minutes)
Tamara explains the origins of house dance and follows up by teaching you some foundational house dance steps, such as the cross step, the shuffle, the side step and the pas de bourrée.

Part 2 (13 minutes)
Now that you have learned 4 basic house dance movements, it's time to learn how to move around with them. This class is about turning and switching directions with the steps you have learned in part 1, and learning how to dance in 360 degrees.

Part 3 (15 minutes)
In this final part of Tamara's class, we will step it up a notch. Tamara adds new layers to the moves you have learned in part 1 - stepping up the level of difficulty.

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Tamara house dance class
Tamara house dance class
Tamara house dance class