Tawatha: hits and waves

In this popping class, Tawatha will teach you about hits and waves.


This class consists of three parts:

Part 1 (22 minutes)
Let Tawatha take you on a journey into the world of popping! In this class you will learn a key foundational movement of popping called 'the hit', and how to use hits in your arms and legs. Afterwards, Tawatha will take you through the 14 steps of the wave.

Part 2 (22 minutes)
As you’ve learned about hits in the arms and legs, we will now work on your hits in the core, chest and neck; making sure you can use hits throughout your full body. We will also continue to build on the wave, and you will learn different ways to use the wave in popping.

Part 3 (18 minutes)
In this final part of Tawatha's class, you will learn about animation effects in popping. You will also learn about speed control techniques and how to apply them to your hits and waves. Enjoy!

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Hassani popping class
Hassani popping class