What breakdance gear do you need?


Breaking (also known as breakdance) is a dance style with acrobatic and dynamic movements. Like many things in life, it requires hard work and a lot of practice to become better at it. One important question to ask yourself while practising is what breakdance gear do you need. Whether you are a seasoned b-boy or new to the scene, breakdance gear will improve your performance and prevent injuries

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about breakdance gear, so that you can focus on mastering those moves and hitting those beats!

Breakdance gear

Do you need breakdance gear?

Do you need breakdance gear?

Yes and no.

When you just started dancing, you don't necessarily need breakdance gear: you just need yourself and some good music to practice on. Focus on toprocks, footwork and basic freezes. Besides some comfortable clothing and shoes, you don't need anything else for dancing.

However, once you get better at breaking and try various types of moves, you will notice that the right gear can make all the difference on the dance floor. Depending on the move you want to practise, you will want to use kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards, headgear or special clothing. 

Also, breakdance gear is as much about functionality as it is about fashion. In other words: breakdance gear can be a means of personal expression, reflecting someone's style or cultural roots.

While breakdance gear can definitely be useful, it is important to realize that it is only a tool. What makes you really stand out are your skills and passion for breaking. Still, you probably know the feeling of wearing something you like, which makes you feel more confident, which in turn will help your dance performance.


Breakdance shoes

When it comes to shoes, it is important to have shoes that offer good support for your feet, while at the same time being flexible and light. You often see b-boys and b-girls wearing shoes with thin soles, so they have a better grip on the ground. Above all, you need to feel comfortable in your shoes. 

Most breakers prefer sneakers or running shoes. The brand usually comes down to style preference, but popular brands are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, Converse, Reebok and New Balance. Some dancers wear shoes with vibrant colours and designs that set them apart from the crowd. After all, shoes can say something about your personality.


Breakdance clothing

When it comes to clothing for breaking, you want comfortable clothes that let you move around easily. Often, b-boys have loose fitting clothes for mobility. Baggier clothes can also help some movements look better. Avoid clothes that get soaked in sweat, such as certain cotton shirts.

When you are doing power moves, the type of clothing you wear can make a huge difference on your performance. This is especially true when doing moves where you are spinning on your back or shoulders, like the backspin or windmill. You don't want clothing that is too thin, since that will hurt your back/shoulders. Also, the material of your shirt will affect the friction it has with the ground. You want material that lets you spin easily. Beware that a logo or letters on the back of your shirt may cause excess friction on the ground. That is why a lot of b-boys wear windbreakers or special mocknecks/crewnecks.

Lastly, it is important to realize that your clothes express your personality and connection to the culture. Unique colours, prints or designs can make you stand out, showing your attitude.


Breakdance headgear

When doing freezes and power moves, your head is often on the ground. You want to protect your head, especially when you do all kinds of spins (like the windmill, halo or headspins). Not wearing any headgear when breaking can even result in hair loss. So let's avoid that. When it comes to choosing specific headgear, you can choose between a beanie, cap or a helmet.


The beanie is the preferred headgear for many b-boys and b-girls. There are special beanies for breaking, which are made of specific material that is meant to protect your head and hair during headspins and headslides. The best beanies also have padding inside for extra protection and a strap that keeps the beanie on your head while spinning. After all, you dont want the beanie to fly off in the middle of your round. The best beanie we came across was the premium spin cap from Spincontrol, which is made by breakers for breakers.


Another option many b-boys use is the cap. There are special caps for breaking available, made of mesh material to protect your head during headspins. Also beware that caps shouldn't have a button on top. 

Headspin helmet

You have probably seen a b-boy doing a headspin while wearing a helmet. While they are sometimes seen as less cool, they can make a big difference when learning headspins. The advantage of a helmet is that it makes spinning easier. Moreover, it doesn't have any effect on your hair. When choosing a helmet, go for one that has a flat surface. Most helmets for skateboarding work fine.

Headspin helmet

Protective gear

Protective gear

Breaking is quite an intense activity for the body. Therefore it is important to protect your joints, especially your knees, wrists and elbows. The most common ways among breakers to do that is with kneepads, elbow pads and wrist guards.


Some breaking moves are quite heavy on your knees. That is why knee injuries are quite common in breaking, for example by bumping your knee too much on the ground. That is why many b-boys use kneepads to protect their knees, at least while practising. Kneepads make a big difference, because they provide padding in case you bump your knee. There are special kneepads for breaking, although some kneepads for skating are useful as well. Make sure to choose a kneepad that doesn't cut off your blood circulation.


Elbow pads

When practicing elbow freezes or other moves where you land, spin or slide on your elbows, it is recommended to use elbow pads. These will save your elbows in the long run.

Elbow pads

Wrist guards

Breaking is heavy on your wrists, especially when doing flares, jackhammers, swipes or turtle freezes. After a while, your wrists will start hurting. That is why we recommend to use wrist guards when practising power moves and freezes. They provide support for your wrist and help prevent injuries. There are many different types of wrist guards, just choose one that fits you and matches your style. Some b-boys even use gymnastics wrist wraps.

Wrist guards


Accessories for breaking

If you are dancing outside, you will need some portable speakers for music. After all, dancing should always be done on music. Make sure to choose speakers with a good battery, since you likely won't have any access to electricity outside. 

If you have long hair, make sure to use a hair clip in order to avoid having hair in your face while doing moves.

Another thing you can think about is using a (portable) mat or dance floor. For example, some b-boys use a portable dance floor in their garden or in their living room to practise. This will provide you a smooth, consistent surface for practising, and will help prevent injuries.

Portable dance floor

Shopping for breakdance gear

Shopping for breakdance gear

After reading this article, you probably are wondering where to shop for breakdance gear. There are different vendors online, but we recommend the gear from Spincontrol. This company is founded by b-boy Matt Action from Rock Force Crew, which is one of the most respected crews in the breaking scene. They make their own gear for breakers worldwide and know exactly what gear b-boys need. We reached out to them and they were so nice to give us a promo code. Use coupon code MYGROOVEGUIDE on their site to get 15% discount on your order. We especially love their headspin beanies, spin caps and crewnecks.